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Our research-based services offer you real insight into interface design that affects your bottom line.

Heuristic Analysis

Let us examine your product's user interface to provide helpful solutions for improving user experience. We perform quantitative analysis of the most important tasks your users regularly do to understand when they have difficulty and why.

On-Site User Testing

Our team of experts will evaluate your design, perform user testing, and then provide you with our detailed findings. This is a mixture of quantitative analysis and qualitative user observation and interviews performed on-site so your team can watch.


Our courses will train your staff in a relaxed environment to sharpen your skills in user interface design and user experience. Get college-level training that helps you understand users and gives you the practical tools you need to make natural and enjoyable interfaces.

Consulting Packages

We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs.

Heuristic Analysis

Usability/User Experience Study

On-Site User Testing

User Testing on Location with Debrief


On-Site Interactive Training

Our Incredible Ninjas

Our ninjas are trained experts in user interface design, user experience, user testing, and heuristic analysis.

Brent Reeves

Interface Analysis Master
Ph.D. Computer Science - University of Colorado at Boulder (1993)
M.A. Computer Science - University of Colorado at Boulder (1991)

James Prather

User Interaction Guru
Ph.D. Computer Science - Nova Southeastern University (2018)
M.S. Applied Cognition and Neuroscience - University of Texas at Dallas (2009)

A team of two college professors, Brent and James hold degrees in a diverse set of disciplines related to cognitive psychology, computer science, and user interface design from the Unversity of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Texas at Dallas. We do academic HCI research, teach HCI to undergraduates, and consult for companies like yours.

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